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Spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific and almost as far north as Greenland, Canada is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere. Only Russia covers more territory. This vast northern state claims the world’s longest coastline and over half of its lakes. Canada is home to some of the largest islands and lakes in the world, as well as the northern half of the impressive Rocky Mountain Range. The Bay of Fundy, in Atlantic Canada, has the world’s most significant tidal bore!

Thrill and adventure-seekers and nature-lovers alike flock to Canada to delight in all the fun that this boundless land has to offer. Whether you love mountains or the sea, green landscapes or wildlife sightings, there are endless attractions to do and see in Canada! As adventure tourists ourselves, we know that sometimes getting soaking wet, cold, or out of breath can be part of the fun. We have rounded up a list of must-do activities across Canada for those tourists who are seeking to amp things up a level in the big white north.

One thing that all our Adventure Canada recommendations have in common is awe-inspiring and larger-than-life nature. Getting out and immersing yourself in these environments provides a healthy experience. We encourage you to let yourself be swept away by the magnitude of our beautiful planet!


One of Canada’s record-breaking attractions is the Atlantic Coast’s Bay of Fundy and its impressive 9-meter (28 ft) tidal bore. This means that the difference between high tide and low tide is about twice the height of a giraffe! This unique location is one of the seven wonders of North America and for good reason. The dramatic shift between the tides is coupled with steep underwater falls that cause the water in the Bay to whirl and swirl into violent rapids.

The best way to experience this awe-inspiring phenomenon is from within. Tripshepherd JetBoats, is the only boat on the river that gets you out into the Reversing Falls Rapids! Make sure to pack a change of clothes for this adventure because you will get soaking wet.


Moving west into the center of Canada, you find the monumental Canadian Rocky Mountains. This steep and snowy paradise is any powder chaser’s dream destination. Escape the crowds of the lower Rockies and commune with the Mountain Mama in the world’s ultimate ski and snowboard paradise. The resorts around Banff National Park provide a perfect introduction to all that the Canadian Rockies have to offer. Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, and Revelstoke all offer a mixture of groomed runs as well as expert-level terrain. An ideal adventure for the whole family!


Heading south from the Tundra, you will find the outdoor capital of Canada, Squamish. This mountainous region, a short drive from Whistler in British Columbia, has a little of everything to offer. From impressive rock faces begging to be submitted, to the sea to sky gondola, and the mighty Squamish River. Enjoy ancient and beautiful forest settings while catching any variety of thrills.

Rafting can be an amazing way to connect with the glaciated peaks and natural environment. It can also be a great way to bond with other people on the raft. If you want to unite a team or spend some quality time with family, diving headfirst into river rapids might be exactly what you are looking for. We recommend Canadian Outback Rafting, as they have a long history of bringing people together on the river.


Sometimes the best adventures come from strapping food, shelter, and a water purification method on your back and hitting the trails. Whether you go it alone or with friends, backpacking can be one of the best ways to appreciate the great outdoors, and it can be pretty thrilling as well. Canada offers a wide variety of backpacking possibilities from the tidepools of the Pacific, to the warmer waters of the Atlantic. From the tops of the Canadian Rockies to the central plains. Below you will find recommendations for our two favorite Canadian backpacking trips, one on either coast.

The West Coast Trail

Carved along the western shore of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, this trail is any backpacker’s dream. The route leads you through protected lands, safeguarded by indigenous peoples. Completing this trail requires visitors to climb ladders, walk along boardwalks, and scoot across rivers in a basket. It offers delicious sunset views and diverse wildlife sightings throughout. Plan to spend extended periods walking directly on the beach. We also recommend you prepare for the possibility of rain, as you are diving into a temperate rainforest, iconic of the Pacific Northwest

The Fundy Footpath

This rugged trail on the beautiful Bay of Fundy takes you into Fundy National Park. Ford rivers, take in the beautiful views of the Bay, and immerse yourself in the dense forests of Eastern Canada. Make sure to bring your tidal map with you! On this walk you will tread near the highest tides in the world and the water level even in the surrounding river beds is subject to drastic changes. If you are looking to explore Fundy National Park on a single-day hike, we recommend this Tripshepherd Tour! 

No matter where in Canada your desire for adventure takes you, there are a few things that are true across the wide and wild expanse of this nation. Birdwatching in Canada is spectacular. Large expanses of Canada’s natural environment remain untouched. The spirit of adventure that this nation has to offer will leave you wanting more!

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