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About Tripshepherd

Before Daud, the owner of Tripshepherd JetBoats, there was Marc Gosselin and Janine Harris. In 1995, they opened the original jet boat company on the Bay of Fundy offering thrill ride tours of the rapids. At the time, Marc was the only boat on the river and people thought he was crazy for braving the rapids. Maybe they were right! Crazy or not, the business quickly grew and soon getting out into the turbulent Reversing Falls Rapids became a bucket list item and a top thing to do in the Atlantic Region of Canada. After nearly 20 years in business, it was time for Marc and Janine to retire. When they closed the business it was a blow to tourism in Saint John. Tripshepherd was happy to take over the operation under the name ‘Tripshepherd JetBoats’ and keep the best way to see the Bay of Fundy alive. Summer 2019 was our first season operating with Tripshepherd’s classic sightseeing ride. In spring 2020, we will be open again with the thrill ride and we’re excited to help bring tourism back to Saint John and happy to be a part of this vibrant local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookings cancelled more than 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time will be offered a full refund or an offer to reschedule the booking. Bookings cancelled within 60 minutes of scheduled departure time will be offered the opportunity to reschedule if availability permits and may be subject to late cancellation fees. Bookings cancelled after the start of the tour will not be refunded.

If weather is bad enough for us to cancel the experience we will follow these steps:

1. You will be informed as soon as possible about the cancellation.
2. You can choose to reschedule for another day with no penalty.
3. If you cannot reschedule, you will get a full refund.

Sightseeing Tour: A windproof jacket or coat. You may get a little wet.

Thrill Ride Tour: Clothes and footwear you don’t mind getting wet and bring a change of clothes for after the tour.

Sightseeing Tour: You will most likely stay dry but there is a small chance of getting wet.

Thrill Ride Tour: You will most likely get very wet.

Yes, you will most likely have a chance to see seals or dolphins but it is never a guarantee.
If you are already in Canada, no. If you are traveling to Canada, yes you will need one to enter the country.
All the necessary equipment is provided.
We can accommodate anyone who is in a foldable wheelchair and can take two steps up, and two down to get onto the boat.
There is no pick-up area for the jetboats. Guests are asked to meet us at 55 Water Street, Saint John, NB. There is ample parking at this location.
Participation on this tour requires minimal walking; however, down the wharf, to the boat and back can involve a steep slope at low tide.

Sightseeing Tour: No restrictions.
Thrill Ride Tour: Anyone with heart or back issues and anyone who may be pregnant, should not participate on this tour.

Sightseeing Tour: No
Thrill Ride Tour: You must be 48 inches (122 cm) in height to ride.

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