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Pleasure Cruises and Thrill Rides in the Reversing Falls Rapids

Saint John Reversing Falls Rapids Thrill Ride Jetboat
On this thrilling jet boat tour with Tripshepherd Jetboats, you’ll experience the highest tides…

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Tripshepherd JetBoats is keeping one of Saint John’s most popular activities alive. Come see the tidal impact for yourself! Every day 100 billion tons of water enter the Bay, rising the tides as much as 9 meters (28 ft) and forcing the Saint John River to flow in reverse. In the same area, underwater ledges or ‘falls’ as high as 60 meters (200 ft) create a unique series of whirlpools and rapids. Get an up-close and personal understanding of this phenomenon while taking in picturesque views of historic downtown Saint John and Atlantic Canada’s marine life. Our Sightseeing Tour is perfect for the whole family to see the Reversing Falls Rapids. If you are looking to experience adventure tourism in Canada, take our Thrill Ride Tour.

From One Traveler To Another

Jodi Frayne Bell
August 2019
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We were treated by some charming folks who were so down to earth friendly… and a very informative experienced captain!
Joseph Lee
September 2019
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Spectacular view at high tide and low tide.
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Expérience à faire absolument!
July 2019
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Great day! We’ll definitely be coming back and doing this again every time we come to Saint John.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Marc Gosselin and Janine Harris owned and operated the first jet boat experience on the Bay of Fundy for 19 years. When they started, Marc was the first boat out on the river. Getting into the middle of these awe-inspiring rapids soon became a major draw to the Atlantic region of Canada. When the time came for them to retire, it was a major loss for the region. Tripshepherd is excited to bring more tourism back to Saint John and proud to be a part of the local community.

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